Inerrancy of Scripture


The last full evangelical statement and exposition of inerrancy, the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy, is now over forty years in the past. In the intervening years, new questions about and challenges to inerrancy have been raised. This study group will work to identify the key issues and questions that evangelicals need to research and discuss with regard to inerrancy. The goal will be to outline these key areas and to provide a roadmap for future research and dialogue about inerrancy, its roots, its meaning, its supporters and detractors, and its practical outworking, in order to promote and guide sustained and productive affirmation of the doctrine. With its increasingly fractured understanding of both the definition and importance of inerrancy, evangelicalism is in need of a focused effort to address the core issues at the heart of today’s debates and doubts about the doctrine. There is also need to present the positive effects and outcomes of ministry and scholarship that affirm this doctrine's truth. Because this is a topic which often produces discussions with more heat than light, the hope is that this consultation can help moderate an enlightening inquiry that will solidify our understanding of the truthfulness and integrity of the Scriptures in their witness to God and to everything else about which they speak.