Old Testament Narrative Literature


The Old Testament Narrative Literature section devotes the bulk of our attention on the narrative literature found in those biblical books generally referred to as Historical books (Joshua-Esther). We would also include papers that focus on narrative/historical issues in pentateuchal passages. Although we would accept papers that deal with narrative issues in primeval history (relating to creation and flood), we would not accept papers that focus on the early/late earth debate or flood geology/chronology. We will also not accept papers that focus on legal literature. Both of those areas are covered by other sections or consultations.

Our desire is to provide a platform for evangelical scholars to address relevant interpretive issues that arise in narrative/historical literature. Those issues are not pursued just as some obscure form of debate, but to give evangelical scholars the chance to wrestle with interpretive issues that have significance for understanding the Bible accurately. Although periodically we may invite a guest outside of the ETS (but not hostile to ETS), our primary goal is to facilitate collegial discussion of strategic interpretive questions.