Dispensational Study Group


The DSG is the oldest study group of the ETS, having begun in 1986 under the leadership of Darrell L. Bock and Craig A. Blaising. From 1986-2000 the main focus was to seek rapprochement between traditional Dispensational and Covenantal theologies, especially over matters related to hermeneutics and eschatology. Under Bock and Blaising this resulted in what has come to be known as “Progressive Dispensationalism” in contrast to the classical and moderate understandings of dispensationalism. There was some thought in 2000 as to whether the DSG had served its purpose and should cease to exist. However, there were those who felt there was still a need for a forum for issues related to dispensational thought, whether classic, moderate, or progressive. Phil Lueck, who had been on the steering committee, became chair.

Since 2001 the thrust has been basically two-fold:

  • First, in general, to serve the expressed needs and interests of all three types of dispensationalists.
  • Second, more specifically, to continue the focus on the investigation and discussion of those key biblical texts and theological issues related to the dispensational understanding of how the Grammatical-Historical method, traditionally referred to as the “Literal” or “Normal” method, still considered as one of the two key sine qua non by both classic and moderate dispensationalists, should be understood and applied exegetically and theologically.