2020 Eastern Meeting Overview

Regional Meeting Cancellation

The 2020 ETS Eastern Regional Meeting has been canceled. We are planning to hold the same (basic) conference in 2021 (at Lancaster Bible College), Lord willing. Please read the attached statement regarding paper proposals, student paper competition, registration, deferment, and refunds:

Regional Meeting Cancellation

In light of the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Eastern Region’s executive committee is cancelling our 2020 meeting (3/27-28/2020 at Lancaster Bible College). Lancaster Bible College is also in the process canceling live classes, as are many colleges and universities.

Future Conference in 2021
We intend to hold the same (basic) conference in 2021 (at Lancaster Bible College), Lord willing. So, for those who have submitted an approved proposal for a paper, please know that you are invited to deliver this at our next meeting (likely in the Spring of 2021). As we draw near to that event we will notify you of the details.

Likewise, we will defer the student paper competition until our next meeting and all papers that have been submitted will be assessed at that time along with any future submissions.

Registration, deferment, and refunds - For all those who have already pre-registered online, we request that you permit that registration to apply for our next meeting (e.g., you will be considered registered for our next meeting at no additional cost to you). However, if you prefer to receive a refund, then please request that from Secretary Strawbridge (wgs@wordmp3.com 717-682-7052). Please make the subject line of your email: “ETSe Registration Refund.” Thank you.

We are all saddened by this action, but the executive committee believes it is the most responsible course of action at this time. “Good Lord, deliver us . . . from plague, pestilence, and famine; from battle and murder, and from sudden death, Good Lord, deliver us” (Book of Common Prayer).

Eastern Region Officers 2019-2020
Mark Draper, President (mark.draper@evangelical.edu) * Mark Hassler, 1st Vice President (mhassler@vbts.edu) * Mark Deckard, 2nd Vice President (mdeckard@lbc.edu) * Gregg Strawbridge, Treasurer-Secretary
(gs175@mac.com) * Rusty Small, Past President

2021 Location

Lancaster Bible College
901 Eden Rd, Lancaster, PA 17601