Section Open Session Call for Papers

In addition to an invited session, Sections also manage one open session at the annual meeting. The following sections have announced themes for their open sessions. Submissions to these units should conform to the announced theme.

Christianity and Culture

Christianity and Culture Section is inviting papers on the impact (positive and negative) of religious liberty on American culture. Priority will be given to papers that focus on Islam.

Old Testament Theology

For the 2020 national meeting, the Old Testament Theology section is seeking papers related to a broad range of topics, including, but not limited to, methodology in theological reading, the relationship of the Old Testament to the New, themes central to the Old Testament, systematic exploration of Old Testament texts, or construals of the historical or canonical development of Old Testament thought. Any person interested in submitting a proposal should use the ETS paper proposal system on the website. Choose to “submit a proposal for an open section session or discipline specific session.” When given the option, select “Old Testament Theology.”

Papers specifically related to the relationship of Old Testament Theology and Islam are warmly welcomed, though not necessarily privileged. The phenomenon of Old Testament Theology in an Islamic context will be the subject of our invited paper session.