Section Open Session Call for Papers

In addition to an invited session, Sections also manage one open session at the annual meeting. The following sections have announced themes for their open sessions. Submissions to these units should conform to the announced theme.

Evangelicals and Women

Evangelicals and Women Section of the Evangelical Theological Society invites proposals for its Open Session during the 2022 annual ETS meeting. Papers may explore (1) The biblical text as it speaks to relations between women and men in the body of Christ and community; (2) the ontological significance of male-female; (3) and historical backgrounds of women specific issues, from biblical times and throughout church history; or (4) the relevance of Scripture’s teachings on women when addressing today’s issues in church, home and society. The relationship of any of these topics with the ETS theme of “holiness” is encouraged. Please submit your abstract via the ETS portal.

Old Testament Prophetic and Apocalyptic Books

The Old Testament Prophetic and Apocalyptic Books section will be hosting two sessions. The first session will be invited papers addressing the theme of “Justice in the Minor Prophets.” The second session will consist of open papers on anything related to prophetic and apocalyptic literature in the Old Testament. We invite proposals for the second session.