Section Open Session Call for Papers

In addition to an invited session, Sections also manage one open session at the annual meeting. The following sections have announced themes for their open sessions. Submissions to these units should conform to the announced theme.

  • Christian History & Thought Since 1700

    'Christian History and Thought Since 1700' has named as its 2019 theme, "Liberal Evangelicalism Then and Now: 1919-2019".

    CHT solicits proposals in this subject area for its Open Session of four papers. This Open Session will also welcome proposals having to do with the parting of ways between more conservative and more liberal evangelicals unfolding in the post-Great War period. Have you interests in the publication of the Fundamentals (1910-1915), the evidence of polarization within the Edinburgh Missionary Conference (1910), the launch of the Inter-Varsity movement, the effects of the Great War (1914-1918) on theology, or the issuing of the Auburn Affirmation (1923)? Let us hear from you when ETS issues its call for papers in early 2019.
    In the meantime, questions can be directed to CHT chair, Ken Stewart

  • Luke / Acts

    Open session theme: "Christ in all the Scriptures: Luke's OT Christology"

  • Theology for Counseling & Pastoral Care

    The Theology for Counseling & Pastoral Care section invites papers from any discipline on Facing Addiction with Compassion & Theological Perspective. Addressing the plague of addictive issues within ministry settings takes not only deep compassion, it requires clarity on weaving a recovery story with a faith journey. Submissions that touch this theme will be given priory. Kent Dunnington’s text on the subject is a suggested resource. Our invited papers on this theme will be from Kent Dunnington, Jeffery Black, and, John Auxier.

    The specialty of the presenter(s) does not need to be counseling. Jointly prepared, cross-discipline papers are most welcome. This is an encouragement to pair those invested in biblical or theological disciplines with those delivering pastoral care and counseling ministries.

    Our practice for our open presentations is that any proposal that connects theology to pastoral care and counseling is welcome. Proposals vetted through our section’s peer reviewers may be recommended for placement in general ETS sessions.

    The expectation is that the papers in this section are on their way to publication. Session discussions provide peer consultation that stimulates dialogue across specializations.