Section Open Session Call for Papers

In addition to an invited session, Sections also manage one open session at the annual meeting. The following sections have announced themes for their open sessions. Submissions to these units should conform to the announced theme.

Bioethics Section Call for Papers

The Bioethics Section of the Evangelical Theological Society is making a Call for Papers for the 2021 Bioethics ETS meeting 2021, “Wealth and Poverty,” November 16th to November 18th, Fort Worth, TX.

The section welcomes all topics related to bioethics, including those related to beginning and end of life, research and clinical ethics, public health and environmental bioethics, new technologies and global health, among others. Our special topic for the annual meeting is Health Disparities.

Health Disparities may include theological, biblical and/or ecclesial approaches to inequalities in health care access and treatments, health care rationing, the health care needs of racially, ethnically, sexually, or religiously marginalized groups, social determinates of health, systemic racism, matters of distributive justice, or lessons from the Covid- pandemic.

Please submit your abstract via the ETS portal by the deadline.
For more information, contact the co-chairs, Cristina Richie ( or Michael Sleasman (

Christian History & Thought Since ​1700

2021 ETS Theme

For its Open Session, Christian History and Thought welcomes an eclectic mix of proposals falling within our program domain: post-Reformation studies, European Pietist movements, Evangelical Leaders, Movements & Awakenings since 1700, the history of Missions since the Puritan Age, and developments in theology. Let us hear from you when ETS issues its call for papers! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the CHT chair, Robert Caldwell (