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Annual Meeting Paper Proposal Notifications Completed

We have completed all of the paper proposal notifications. If you did not receive the email informing you of the status of your paper proposal please click on the "View My Paper Proposal(s)" link to the left in the "Annual Meeting Proposal System" box.

If your paper proposal was accepted, you will receive an email with your session details by July 15th. Please email any name, affiliation, and/or title corrections to meeting@etsjets.org by July 31st. Corrections received after July 31st will not be included in the printed program.

AXIOME 2016—Decision Making and the Divine Will: Theological, Philosophical and Pastoral Issues—March 10-12, 2016

Call for Papers

“What should I do?” is probably one of the most important, and most frequently asked, of the perennial human questions. This question can be asked at several different levels: (1) The moral level: What is the right thing to do? Is there a moral standard that should guide my actions, or am I the moral arbiter of my own actions? (2) The epistemological level: With so many possibilities, how can I know which is right? How should I choose my career, my school, or my life partner? (3) The ontological level: Am I “free” to make my own choices, or am I determined (by either the universe or by God), or am I somehow determined while making free choices? (4) The pastoral level: How do I properly advise people to make the best choices? There are, perhaps, many other aspects of this famous problem that could be discussed. For its 2016 Conference, to be held in Montreal, Association Axiome invites theologians, philosophers, and apologists of the Francophone Evangelical community to submit their relevant papers. This Conference, organized in collaboration with the Evangelical Baptist Seminary of Quebec (SEMBEQ) and Paradigm conferences, will take place on site at SEMBEQ in Montreal on March 10-12, 2016. The time slots for accepted communications are: Thursday evening (20h00- 22:00), Friday during the day (10h00-12h00 and 14h00-16h00) and Saturday morning (10.00-12.00).

The 2015 Proposal Period Is Closed

The proposal system is closed. No further proposals will be accepted for this year's program.

To check the status of a proposal, please use the View My Proposal(s) link in the Annual Meeting Proposal System menu on the left side of the homepage. For more information on proposal status and the notification timeline, please click here.

Unfortunately, given the high volume of proposals, we will not be able to respond individual inquiries about the status of a proposal.

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